As of  January 2012, the studios changed management and direction and are no longer called The 825 Art Studios.  The name of the new studios is The Pound.

For all inquiries regarding studios space, etc. please contact the new manager at

Most of the artists listed below have moved on.   Their information may still be relevant should you wish to contact them regarding their wonderful work.


Amber Gleason
Couture and Costume Design
Carissa Weber - JellyfishCarissa Weber
Painting, Murals

artLab23 is owned and operated by its lead & founding artist, carissa weber. artlab23 participates in various los angeles area art walks & craft fairs, pops up as an art vendor on the eclectic venice beach boardwalk, and offers art for sale at  artlab23 offers original paintings on wood and canvas, art prints and greeting cards, and custom paintings and murals.  Carissa received her bachelor of arts in Studio Art & Psychology at the University of California Davis. She also completed the Ryman Fine Art program for Young Artists at the University of Southern California (USC). An original drawing of hers was selected by the AP College Board art program from over 20,000 applicants to be included in a nationwide traveling art show and printed on the marketing materials for the ap art program.  artlab23 style tends to include bold colors, abstract organic shapes, patterns and flowing lines.
Carlos Villegas
Mixed-media Sculpture, Architecture
Jana CookseyJana Cooksey
Graphic Arts, Web Deisgn, Painting
daily yay
I am an artist, character illustrator, and a professional designer located in Los Angeles, California. I earned my Bachelors of Art Degree in Studio Art with a Double Emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography from the University of Redlands.   I am a happy mini one (with a whopping height of 4’10” and a half). Although I may be small, my passion, determination, and creativity are humongous. I truly do believe that it is these characteristics that allow me to not only be continuously creative, but also ensure a professional, detailed, and one-of-a-kind final result.   Futhermore, my skill set is quite unique since it includes various elements from many different artistic backgrounds including studio art, photography, design, illustration, and even crafting.   I welcome any opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.
Jason Chrisman aka Dot Man
I am a painter whose work has been described as “Pop Pointillism.”  The subjects of my work are often contemporary or historical iconic figures and scenes, animals or familiar objects rendered in pointillism which is a technique of painting in an elaborated form of impressionism in which dots of unmixed colour are juxtaposed on a white background.  Close up the work appears abstract but from a distance the dots fuse in the viewer’s eye into intermediate tones and recognizable shapes. My work may also incorporate other techniques and layers of paint to create complex textures that enhance the emotional depth of the piece.  I work with both acrylic and oil and usually paint on canvas but have been exploring painting on other surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.  The size of my work varies from as small as 5″x7″ to the sides of a large building.  My original work is reasonably priced — I believe everyone should have an opportunity to own orginal works of art.  I will soon be producing prints of my work online in various formats and on a variety of items such as T-shirts, hats, book bags, etc.  I am also available for commissioned work for such as portraits, large scale murals and special event live performance painting for individuals and businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.)
Jamie Pilbeam
Painting, Performance Art, Architecture
The Dinosaur
Picture Day
jason-smithJason Smith
Joel Stearns

Bezier Illustration

L. Boone
Graphic & digital arts/3D/virutal reality

As a graphic artist, have designed logos, websites, collateral materials for various clients. Currently I am primarily focused on creating content for online 3D virtual environments and mixed-media prints. Earlier forays into various media included writing, producing, directing and editing studio and location video productions and producing and editing 35mm and super 70mm film shoots for stock footage company specializing in stop motion. Using 3D environments, I am transitioning from traditional film/television production tools and techniques to digitally produced 3D machinima.

Mike's Art

Mike Turner and his work at the Hive Gallery 2010

Michael Dean Turner
Mixed-media, Prop-design/Set construction
Mike Turner is a self taught artist with a unique craftsmanship learned through various industrial trades, as he calls it, “The school of hard knocks”.  As a modern sculptor, he is known for working in numerous subjects such as hearts, modern grandfather clocks, furniture, abstracts and symmetrical sun bursts.  He believes his art radiates positive energy and perceives it as a visual source of healing energy.  Admirers have said they see a reflection of their own childhood in his work. It takes them back to a time of their youth as if they were viewing his art through fun house mirrors.  Icons of inspiration are the likes of Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton and Salvador Dali’. His motivation comes from a highly visual imagination and intensely vivid dreams.  “Functional Surrealism” is a term he uses to identify his work and defines as “The art of fusing artistic aesthetic value with the practical functional use of a structure in a surreal form.  His designs are a unique process of mixing mediums in a multi-dimensional fashion with contrasting colors and peculiar shapes.  His goals and aspirations are to travel on a voyage of discovery around the world following his talent where it leads him.

Nicole Daddona
Illustrator, Photography, Performance Art
Picture Day
nohemi-nunezNohemi “Mimi ” Nunez
Painting, Mixed-media
Who Is 5amSamantha Milner aka 5AM
Street Art, Urban Mixed-media, Illustration, Painting

HERES WHATS UP: I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN. REALIZED I LIKE DOIN MY ART MORE THEN OTHERS. AND OTHERS DO ALSO, SO I STARTED THIS GIG. AKA>  * I DRAW ON PEOPLES STUFF…  if u like my style and r lookin to have that old or new (_______________) redone. Lets figure sumthin out.
spaced out 3

"Spaced Out" composited film effect

Samuel Hawkins
Filmmaking, Special Effects, Photography

TERRILL-FIRE-WMTerrill Scott Lewis
Photography, Art Curation, Art Handling, Gallery Consultation
Alfonso “Killo” Gonzalez
Ben Lawson
Dan Hagood
Danielle Riley
Ed Hale
Heidi Born
Jessica Arazia
Jerrod Derr
Jody Siegel
Josh “Towers” Williams
Juwels & Peter/pollenarts
Kasim Patton
Miriam Jackson
Nicole Ruckman
Rich Brooks
Shameka Banks
Shawn Mahoney
Skira “Cielo” Martinez
Yolanda Jo
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