New Year / New Directions

As of  January 2012, the studios changed management and direction and are no longer called The 825 Art Studios.  The name of the new studios is The Pound.

For all inquiries regarding studios space, etc. please contact the new manager at

Thank you.



In December of last year, some changes came about the studio.

We scaled back on the number of private art studio spaces/rooms,  re-allocated space and will be using some of it differently.


We have two private art studio rooms/spaces that will be available February 1st, 2012.

Unit B Room is $375/month + $475 deposit.

Unit A Room is $400/month + $500 deposit.

All our 24/7 access private art studio rooms include shared facilities (two kitchens, two bathrooms, laundry, huge work area with work tables and storage for art supplies and materials, wood/metal working area, etc.)

We offer the the best deal in SoCal by providing an affordable place where an artist can work 24/7 honing their craft, working on their portfolio and building up their collection of work to sell at various venues.

Our studios are located in a great area within walking and biking distance of several shops, restaurants, the ocean and other places of interest.  Most anything you need is within 2.5 miles of our studios.

If you’re interested in our upcoming available rooms, please NOTE THE NEW MANAGMENT CONTACT INFORMATION LISTED ABOVE.

For more about San Pedro where are studio are located, check out our post below.

Best wishes to all for a creative, kind, beautiful and productive New Year.


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