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The 825 Art Studios (which we affectionately refer to as “The Pound”)  has been home to many artists who come to find their creative mojo, build up their portfolios and collections, network and make connections, sell their works at various SoCal venues (galleries, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Downtown Artwalk, special events, etc.) and eventually move on to bigger and better things.

Every resident artist who has passed through the 825 Art Studios has added something special to the place — and every artist who will come through in the future will bring their own unique mix of creative energy to add to the environment.

Our studios are saturated with inspired imagination and creativity and our diverse group of resident artists continue to explore ideas, experiment with different media and materials, learn new techniques and skills,  collaborate with other resident artists and form life long friendships.

We’re always sad when an artist leaves the studios but also happy to see them move forward to the next level of their art career.

And so we have two artists who are moving on, Samantha and Amber.  We wish each of them the best as they continue to pursue their dreams and create their unique works of art.


Why We Love Our Studios and San Pedro

For over five years, 825 Art Studios has continued to cultivate a rich professional creative environment which allows our resident artists to attend to their muse by providing them with 24/7 studio access that includes shared facilities where they can cook and eat meals, shower off the paint, chill out or dream in their private art studio rooms, gather round the fire pot with other resident artists to spin yarns, make up songs or burn a few marshmallows and always have a place to create art in the huge work area which we like to call our art playground.

Our studio is in an great location — in addition to the convenience of being able to walk or ride a bike to shops, restaurants, markets, etc. — our gated complex is right next door to a park and a wonderful canyon overflowing with local flora and fauna where our resident artists enjoy hiking and exploring.

San Pedro is an amazing town in and of itself.  It has a small town feel within the metropolis that is Los Angeles and the ever expanding SoCal spread.

Korean Bell Of Friendship

The city is steeped in multi-cultural history and has long been a haven for artists.  There’s a monthly art walk – First Thursdays, a weekly Farmer’s Market and several art galleries, including Angel’s Gate Cultural Center high up on a hill overlooking the ocean.  Here you’ll also find the Marine Mammal Care Center that rescues, rehabs and releases pinnipeds (seals and sea lions)  and the stunning Korean Bell of Friendship — which has been prominently featured in many films including The Usual Suspects.

A port town, San Pedro has seen many a sailor pass through its port of call.   In its early days, San Pedro was home to some notorious jazz clubs that brought in the crème-de-la-crème of Tinseltown who mixed it up with the local hoi-polloi.   Several “dive” bars sprung up to accommodate shore bound brawny men who would drink and brawl after a long stint at sea.  Today you’re more likely to find longshoremen, business professionals and eccentric characters getting their drink on and discussing local issues, culture or windsurfing at The Indian Room, Rebels or Godmother’s Saloon.

San Pedro has long been a tourist destination for out of towners and local Angelenos.  Home to cruise ships, you might run into well heeled ocean bound travelers exploring Downtown San Pedro as they peruse various shops nestled into the retro buildings that line 6th and 7th streets.  Here’s where you can search for treasures among the local businesses such as Best of Times (antiques), Off the Vine (wine shop), The Grand Emporium (unique gifts), Guitar Safari (vintage guitars), Threads of Time (vintage clothing) and Williams Bookstore, the oldest bookstore in Los Angeles (over 100 years running).  After soaking up some original art at the galleries, relax with a hot cup of delicious coffee and a pastry or sandwich at Sacred Grounds.  A few blocks away on the waterfront, Ports o’ Call Village has several small shops and a few restaurants where you can sit at a table and watch giant ships move in and out of the harbor.

San Pedro is one of the last really “cool” places in SoCal.  Development has moved slower here than in other parts of Los Angeles.  While most SoCal towns are “drive through” destinations, San Pedro is a “drive to” destination.  The Harbor Freeway ends here.  So does Western Avenue.

Cabrillo Beach 1920's

If you look at a map of San Pedro, you’ll see its thumb shaped penninsula is surrounded by water — on one side the massive Port of Los Angeles harbor and on the other, the infinite expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  Cabrillo Beach, an artifical beach created in the 1920’s, divides

Pet Some Starfish

the harbor and sea.  The Cabrillo Beach Marine Aquarium,  which has “old school” interactive exhibits (you can “pet” starfish, sea urchins, etc.) and the renovated Cabrillo Beach Bathouse are two of several local attractions.

If you enjoy dining out, you might be surprised to find San Pedro has a delicious selection of restaurants featuring a variety of cuisine:  there’s Vietnamese (Nam’s Red Door),  Moroccan (Babouch), Croation (Ante’s), tradtional English fare (The Whale and Ale),  a local boutique brewery/gastropub (The San Pedro Brewing Company), finger lickin’ ribs (Porky’s), a restaurant specializing in omeletes — over 100 of them (The Omelette and Waffle Shop) and a legendary cafe that’s been serving roast beef, BLT’s,  burgers and beer to bikers and locals since the 1930’s (Walker’s Cafe).  There are numerous other types of cuisine (American, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Hawaiian, Lebanese, Salvadorian, etc.) and some of the freshest seafood you’re likely to have as fishing boats go in and out of the port daily.  Plus you find the usual restaurant, coffee shop and fast food chains along with several small family run eateries.

On almost any day of the week, you might see film, tv or photography crews shooting in San Pedro.  Classic architecture, unusual landmarks and the port/docks makes this one of Hollywood’s favorite local back lots.

The Warner Grand Theatre, a lavish, art-deco movie house built in the 1930’s has been

Warner Grand Theater

gradually renovated.  The theater features American classics and foreign films, documentary series and live performances including those by the San Pedro City Ballet.   Traditional theater is also afoot in San Pedro — figuretively and literally speaking — when Little Fish Theater produces Shakespeare By The Sea  in Point Fermin Park every summer using both the petite amphitheatre and surrounding park as the stage in which to enjoy the bard’s words under the stars.  Or should you be in the mood for some live music, there’s also Music By The Sea performances.

Annual events such as Lobsterfest and Taste In San Pedro along with whale watching excursions, deep sea fishing, boat tours and a rousing ride on the Catalina Express which zips you over to Catalina Island are worth checking out.

As for the famous and infamous, Charles Bukowski settled into a two-story house overlooking the San Pedro waterfront  and wrote extensively about San Pedro.

The band Ambrosia got their start in San Pedro and went on to great success  with hit songs “How Much I Feel”, “Biggest Part of Me” and “You’re The Only Woman.”

Robert Towne, who penned the screenplay for Chinatown, grew up in San Pedro and still lives in the area in Rolling Hills, an upscale transitional neighborhood between San Pedro and Palos Verdes.

Another longtime local as is Mike Watt of the legendary punk band, The Minutemen (and Firehose) who, when not touring with Iggy Pop and The Stooges,  might be found kayacking around the harbor or playing an occasional gig with dos at one San Pedro’s local bars/venues like Harold’s Place.

We love our art studio  — and San Pedro — and we think those of you who are looking for a great place to create art within a private studio environment that comes fully loaded with all you need and a wonderful community of artists, will fall in love with our studios and the seaport too.

If you’re interested in our upcoming available rooms, click on this link to send us an email at:  825 Art Studios email — please include your name, contact numbers and tell us about yourself and your art.

For additional information, check out our Studio Space page.

And check out this link for additional information on San Pedro.


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