The 825 Ar825 Love Shack Canopyt Studios have been in operation for five years.  Since that time, we’ve had several artists migrate through the studios and on to various careers and places near and far.

We started with just one building and a courtyard full of “junk” and with a bit of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants-learning-curve and a lot of elbow grease, have since expanded to three buildings, a huge outdoor canopy and some additional space.

And an amazing group of artists who each bring their own unique vision and energy to the studio and community.  We are a fortunate lot.

Everyone who has passed through here has added something unique to the studios — whether in the form of their knowledge and sweat equity in improving the space or in helping us learn how to better manage the studios and developing better business practices.

PJ Winnie Interior

Inside the magical "Winnie"

Last year, a couple with a rather pedestrian looking RV pulled up and put down stakes.  As we soon learned, their RV affectionately named “Winnie” was anything but pedestrian.  This was our first glimpse into Juwels’ and Peter’s imagination, talent and skills in arts and crafts.  I like to think of “Winnie” as a kind of arts and crafts eco-friendly version of Dr. Who’s Tardis.  The renovated interior never fails to bring wonderment to those who venture inside.  You can read more about “Winnie” on the Winnebago Diaries.

Like most artists who venture out on their own to be self-supporting via the work they create, they were supplementing their art with part-time gigs.  But then one day, they hit on this brilliant idea — taking something common to all of us and turning it into beautiful and practical works of art that exude both a hip and nostaligic element that seemed to appeal to almost everyone.

PJ CANDLESWithin two weeks of placing their new creations on etsy, they were contcted by the editors and given a feature story.   Within 24 hours, they had over 300 orders for their wonderful antique bottle candles made from orgainic beeswax.  And as they say, the rest is history and herstory.

Peter and Juwels represent the best of what we hope the 825 Art Studios (which we affectionately refer to as “the pound”) can provide for emerging artists:  a professional, supportive, inspiring, fun and affordable environment from which to launch successful art careers and businesses.

And launch they have.  With orders from around the world reaching into the thousands, from individuals on up to large retailers, Peter and Juwels success comes well deserved.

They’ve burned the midnight oil many a night working tirelessly fulfilling orders, perfecting their process, creating unique and fun displays and handcrafting each and every single candle.

And all the while, they continued to add to the studios and our community their light, love and laughter, always pitching in to help improve the facilities, sharing their tools and knowledge and Juwels amazing culinary wonders.

As the orders poured in, Peter and Juwels realized it was time to move to the next stage of growing their successful business which required them to find a place to set up a full production facility.  They scoured Los Angeles and Southern California but locations were less than desirable and those that were ideal, were prohibitively expensive.   They then expanded their search beyond California and found a great location in Flagstaff, Arizona.

So with both sadness (because they are leaving) and joy (because we are so happy and excited for them), we bid our dear friends, Juwels and Peter adieu.


Juwels and Peter minutes before their departure

They have deeply touched the lives of many of the artists here and their imprint on the studios will be everlasting.

Around 1:30’ish AM, they rolled their beloved (and at times, tempermental) “Winnie” out of the gate for the last time.

With love and gratitude, we wish Peter and Juwels the best that life has to offer.  And though they will no longer be here at the studios, we’ll no doubt be seeing a lot of them, not only in the candles they’ve given us and the addtitions to the studios they’ve left behind, but also in their future success as their beautifully crafted works of art will undoubtedly be featured in magazines and online articles and on the shelves of many shops all over the world.

Thank you, Juwels and Peter, for everything you have added to our lives.  We hope we’ve added to yours as well and that the journey that lies ahead for you will be filled with joy and success and above all, love.


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