Cookies & Canopies: The Yummy Smell of Success

Yay!  We’re finally replacing our old canopy over the main outdoor work area which has endured a lot of extreme weather over the past four years.  Our new canopy will be fully enclosed so when those fierce winds are blowing rain horrizontally, we’ll be nice and dry and comfy while we paint,  sculpt, cut, hammer, melt and do whatever it is we happen to be doing to make our art.

Next month, we’ll be replacing our other canopy over the wood and metal shop area.  Slowly but surely our works in progress are manifesting in these awesome upgrades and improvements.

It’s great to see what our community of artists can achieve together.

The studios are also a  kind of  social experiment — we now have 15 artists here from all walks of life — it’s like an eclectic cultural paella — and as we get to know each other and learn about each others talents, experiences and  idiosyncrasies , we grow closer and stronger as a community which in turn inspires us individually to experiment with new techniques, learn how to use new tools and share our knowledge,  skills, contacts and experience with each other.

In September, October and November, three of our long term resident artists moved.   The vacancies in the fall opened up spaces for new resident artists.   We expanded as well and six  artists joined us:  Peter & Jules, Joel,  Scott, Jennifer and Nicole.  Peter is a writer and  Jules make these amazing pins from tiny organic flora and fauna.   Joel works in mixed media and has been creating fabulous jewelry and boxes from recycled materials.   Scott and Jennifer are painters.   We’ll be featuring more info about all artists here soon.

Nicole is a food artist.  She makes superbly crafted confections of yummy perfection.

Working and being around artists and art 24/7 is not only inspiring, it’s fun, informative and familial.  It’s creativity on crack.  We’re high on art.   🙂

Nicole, who is as sweet as her tasty treats, lifts us up even higher every day as we’re greeted with the heavenly aroma of fresh baked cookies, breads and the other delicious delights Nicole creates.

A few days ago, I was in my studio room working when Nicole knocked on my door and offered me a cupcake.  She’s like that — considerate, generous and lovely.   What I didn’t expect was the amazing textural surprise that sent my mouth into orgasmic bliss — this simple cupcake was covered with a thin crust of rich creamy chocolate — like a candy bar with cake inside.  Experimenting with the chemistry of ingredients, Nicole had elevated the simple cupcake to the sensationally unexpected.

We are all going to be so spoiled!

To have our own “bakery” within the studios is something we never imagined.  Less than two weeks later,  we can’t can’t imagine life here without Nicole.


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