All our private studio spaces have been rented

We didn’t think we’d have any problem finding folks who would fall in love with our art studios — not only because of the affordable rents but because of the community itself and all the wonderful creative energy around every corner.

We had a lot of people respond to our ads in craigslist and our fliers and through personal connections as well.

As of last week, all our available rooms have been rented.   Thanks to everyone who wrote, called and came by.   We are establishing a wait list as vacancies do come up — and sometimes unexpectedly — so it’s possible you’ll be hearing from us and if you’re still looking for studio space and we have one, kismet!

Our new resident artists are bringing  a variety of flavors to our community — one literally who happens to be a food artist.  🙂  We also have joining us two painters and a writer.

We’ll have more about everyone here soon on our artist info page so stay tuned!

If you are interested in renting space from us, send us an email at 825art[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll keep you apprised of upcoming vacancies.

Enjoy the day, stay inspired and make the world more interesting with your creations.


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