New Name, New Management, New Direction

As of  January 2012, the studios changed management and direction and are no longer called The 825 Art Studios.  The name of the new studios is The Pound.

For all inquiries regarding studios space, etc. please contact the new manager at

Thank you.



New Year / New Directions

As of  January 2012, the studios changed management and direction and are no longer called The 825 Art Studios.  The name of the new studios is The Pound.

For all inquiries regarding studios space, etc. please contact the new manager at

Thank you.



In December of last year, some changes came about the studio.

We scaled back on the number of private art studio spaces/rooms,  re-allocated space and will be using some of it differently.


We have two private art studio rooms/spaces that will be available February 1st, 2012.

Unit B Room is $375/month + $475 deposit.

Unit A Room is $400/month + $500 deposit.

All our 24/7 access private art studio rooms include shared facilities (two kitchens, two bathrooms, laundry, huge work area with work tables and storage for art supplies and materials, wood/metal working area, etc.)

We offer the the best deal in SoCal by providing an affordable place where an artist can work 24/7 honing their craft, working on their portfolio and building up their collection of work to sell at various venues.

Our studios are located in a great area within walking and biking distance of several shops, restaurants, the ocean and other places of interest.  Most anything you need is within 2.5 miles of our studios.

If you’re interested in our upcoming available rooms, please NOTE THE NEW MANAGMENT CONTACT INFORMATION LISTED ABOVE.

For more about San Pedro where are studio are located, check out our post below.

Best wishes to all for a creative, kind, beautiful and productive New Year.

Studio News / Info on San Pedro

The 825 Art Studios (which we affectionately refer to as “The Pound”)  has been home to many artists who come to find their creative mojo, build up their portfolios and collections, network and make connections, sell their works at various SoCal venues (galleries, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Downtown Artwalk, special events, etc.) and eventually move on to bigger and better things.

Every resident artist who has passed through the 825 Art Studios has added something special to the place — and every artist who will come through in the future will bring their own unique mix of creative energy to add to the environment.

Our studios are saturated with inspired imagination and creativity and our diverse group of resident artists continue to explore ideas, experiment with different media and materials, learn new techniques and skills,  collaborate with other resident artists and form life long friendships.

We’re always sad when an artist leaves the studios but also happy to see them move forward to the next level of their art career.

And so we have two artists who are moving on, Samantha and Amber.  We wish each of them the best as they continue to pursue their dreams and create their unique works of art.


Why We Love Our Studios and San Pedro

For over five years, 825 Art Studios has continued to cultivate a rich professional creative environment which allows our resident artists to attend to their muse by providing them with 24/7 studio access that includes shared facilities where they can cook and eat meals, shower off the paint, chill out or dream in their private art studio rooms, gather round the fire pot with other resident artists to spin yarns, make up songs or burn a few marshmallows and always have a place to create art in the huge work area which we like to call our art playground.

Our studio is in an great location — in addition to the convenience of being able to walk or ride a bike to shops, restaurants, markets, etc. — our gated complex is right next door to a park and a wonderful canyon overflowing with local flora and fauna where our resident artists enjoy hiking and exploring.

San Pedro is an amazing town in and of itself.  It has a small town feel within the metropolis that is Los Angeles and the ever expanding SoCal spread.

Korean Bell Of Friendship

The city is steeped in multi-cultural history and has long been a haven for artists.  There’s a monthly art walk – First Thursdays, a weekly Farmer’s Market and several art galleries, including Angel’s Gate Cultural Center high up on a hill overlooking the ocean.  Here you’ll also find the Marine Mammal Care Center that rescues, rehabs and releases pinnipeds (seals and sea lions)  and the stunning Korean Bell of Friendship — which has been prominently featured in many films including The Usual Suspects.

A port town, San Pedro has seen many a sailor pass through its port of call.   In its early days, San Pedro was home to some notorious jazz clubs that brought in the crème-de-la-crème of Tinseltown who mixed it up with the local hoi-polloi.   Several “dive” bars sprung up to accommodate shore bound brawny men who would drink and brawl after a long stint at sea.  Today you’re more likely to find longshoremen, business professionals and eccentric characters getting their drink on and discussing local issues, culture or windsurfing at The Indian Room, Rebels or Godmother’s Saloon.

San Pedro has long been a tourist destination for out of towners and local Angelenos.  Home to cruise ships, you might run into well heeled ocean bound travelers exploring Downtown San Pedro as they peruse various shops nestled into the retro buildings that line 6th and 7th streets.  Here’s where you can search for treasures among the local businesses such as Best of Times (antiques), Off the Vine (wine shop), The Grand Emporium (unique gifts), Guitar Safari (vintage guitars), Threads of Time (vintage clothing) and Williams Bookstore, the oldest bookstore in Los Angeles (over 100 years running).  After soaking up some original art at the galleries, relax with a hot cup of delicious coffee and a pastry or sandwich at Sacred Grounds.  A few blocks away on the waterfront, Ports o’ Call Village has several small shops and a few restaurants where you can sit at a table and watch giant ships move in and out of the harbor.

San Pedro is one of the last really “cool” places in SoCal.  Development has moved slower here than in other parts of Los Angeles.  While most SoCal towns are “drive through” destinations, San Pedro is a “drive to” destination.  The Harbor Freeway ends here.  So does Western Avenue.

Cabrillo Beach 1920's

If you look at a map of San Pedro, you’ll see its thumb shaped penninsula is surrounded by water — on one side the massive Port of Los Angeles harbor and on the other, the infinite expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  Cabrillo Beach, an artifical beach created in the 1920’s, divides

Pet Some Starfish

the harbor and sea.  The Cabrillo Beach Marine Aquarium,  which has “old school” interactive exhibits (you can “pet” starfish, sea urchins, etc.) and the renovated Cabrillo Beach Bathouse are two of several local attractions.

If you enjoy dining out, you might be surprised to find San Pedro has a delicious selection of restaurants featuring a variety of cuisine:  there’s Vietnamese (Nam’s Red Door),  Moroccan (Babouch), Croation (Ante’s), tradtional English fare (The Whale and Ale),  a local boutique brewery/gastropub (The San Pedro Brewing Company), finger lickin’ ribs (Porky’s), a restaurant specializing in omeletes — over 100 of them (The Omelette and Waffle Shop) and a legendary cafe that’s been serving roast beef, BLT’s,  burgers and beer to bikers and locals since the 1930’s (Walker’s Cafe).  There are numerous other types of cuisine (American, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Hawaiian, Lebanese, Salvadorian, etc.) and some of the freshest seafood you’re likely to have as fishing boats go in and out of the port daily.  Plus you find the usual restaurant, coffee shop and fast food chains along with several small family run eateries.

On almost any day of the week, you might see film, tv or photography crews shooting in San Pedro.  Classic architecture, unusual landmarks and the port/docks makes this one of Hollywood’s favorite local back lots.

The Warner Grand Theatre, a lavish, art-deco movie house built in the 1930’s has been

Warner Grand Theater

gradually renovated.  The theater features American classics and foreign films, documentary series and live performances including those by the San Pedro City Ballet.   Traditional theater is also afoot in San Pedro — figuretively and literally speaking — when Little Fish Theater produces Shakespeare By The Sea  in Point Fermin Park every summer using both the petite amphitheatre and surrounding park as the stage in which to enjoy the bard’s words under the stars.  Or should you be in the mood for some live music, there’s also Music By The Sea performances.

Annual events such as Lobsterfest and Taste In San Pedro along with whale watching excursions, deep sea fishing, boat tours and a rousing ride on the Catalina Express which zips you over to Catalina Island are worth checking out.

As for the famous and infamous, Charles Bukowski settled into a two-story house overlooking the San Pedro waterfront  and wrote extensively about San Pedro.

The band Ambrosia got their start in San Pedro and went on to great success  with hit songs “How Much I Feel”, “Biggest Part of Me” and “You’re The Only Woman.”

Robert Towne, who penned the screenplay for Chinatown, grew up in San Pedro and still lives in the area in Rolling Hills, an upscale transitional neighborhood between San Pedro and Palos Verdes.

Another longtime local as is Mike Watt of the legendary punk band, The Minutemen (and Firehose) who, when not touring with Iggy Pop and The Stooges,  might be found kayacking around the harbor or playing an occasional gig with dos at one San Pedro’s local bars/venues like Harold’s Place.

We love our art studio  — and San Pedro — and we think those of you who are looking for a great place to create art within a private studio environment that comes fully loaded with all you need and a wonderful community of artists, will fall in love with our studios and the seaport too.

If you’re interested in our upcoming available rooms, click on this link to send us an email at:  825 Art Studios email — please include your name, contact numbers and tell us about yourself and your art.

For additional information, check out our Studio Space page.

And check out this link for additional information on San Pedro.

Picture Day Lights Up the Studios

Picture Day is a collaborative performance art project of 825 Art Studio resident artists, Jamie Pilbeam and Nicole Daddona. Working with music, stop motion photography, video and hand drawn illustrations, Picture Day’s fun and quirky videos are hitting the web on facebook, youtube, blogs and other sites. Check out Picture Day’s recent work, “The World Needs More Light” featuring special fx light writing with glow sticks.

Private Studio Space available November 1st

We have an artist residency spot opening up on November 1st.  This private studio space/room is $300 per month with a matching security deposit.

For additional info on how to apply, please see our Studio Space page.


The 825 Ar825 Love Shack Canopyt Studios have been in operation for five years.  Since that time, we’ve had several artists migrate through the studios and on to various careers and places near and far.

We started with just one building and a courtyard full of “junk” and with a bit of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants-learning-curve and a lot of elbow grease, have since expanded to three buildings, a huge outdoor canopy and some additional space.

And an amazing group of artists who each bring their own unique vision and energy to the studio and community.  We are a fortunate lot.

Everyone who has passed through here has added something unique to the studios — whether in the form of their knowledge and sweat equity in improving the space or in helping us learn how to better manage the studios and developing better business practices.

PJ Winnie Interior

Inside the magical "Winnie"

Last year, a couple with a rather pedestrian looking RV pulled up and put down stakes.  As we soon learned, their RV affectionately named “Winnie” was anything but pedestrian.  This was our first glimpse into Juwels’ and Peter’s imagination, talent and skills in arts and crafts.  I like to think of “Winnie” as a kind of arts and crafts eco-friendly version of Dr. Who’s Tardis.  The renovated interior never fails to bring wonderment to those who venture inside.  You can read more about “Winnie” on the Winnebago Diaries.

Like most artists who venture out on their own to be self-supporting via the work they create, they were supplementing their art with part-time gigs.  But then one day, they hit on this brilliant idea — taking something common to all of us and turning it into beautiful and practical works of art that exude both a hip and nostaligic element that seemed to appeal to almost everyone.

PJ CANDLESWithin two weeks of placing their new creations on etsy, they were contcted by the editors and given a feature story.   Within 24 hours, they had over 300 orders for their wonderful antique bottle candles made from orgainic beeswax.  And as they say, the rest is history and herstory.

Peter and Juwels represent the best of what we hope the 825 Art Studios (which we affectionately refer to as “the pound”) can provide for emerging artists:  a professional, supportive, inspiring, fun and affordable environment from which to launch successful art careers and businesses.

And launch they have.  With orders from around the world reaching into the thousands, from individuals on up to large retailers, Peter and Juwels success comes well deserved.

They’ve burned the midnight oil many a night working tirelessly fulfilling orders, perfecting their process, creating unique and fun displays and handcrafting each and every single candle.

And all the while, they continued to add to the studios and our community their light, love and laughter, always pitching in to help improve the facilities, sharing their tools and knowledge and Juwels amazing culinary wonders.

As the orders poured in, Peter and Juwels realized it was time to move to the next stage of growing their successful business which required them to find a place to set up a full production facility.  They scoured Los Angeles and Southern California but locations were less than desirable and those that were ideal, were prohibitively expensive.   They then expanded their search beyond California and found a great location in Flagstaff, Arizona.

So with both sadness (because they are leaving) and joy (because we are so happy and excited for them), we bid our dear friends, Juwels and Peter adieu.


Juwels and Peter minutes before their departure

They have deeply touched the lives of many of the artists here and their imprint on the studios will be everlasting.

Around 1:30’ish AM, they rolled their beloved (and at times, tempermental) “Winnie” out of the gate for the last time.

With love and gratitude, we wish Peter and Juwels the best that life has to offer.  And though they will no longer be here at the studios, we’ll no doubt be seeing a lot of them, not only in the candles they’ve given us and the addtitions to the studios they’ve left behind, but also in their future success as their beautifully crafted works of art will undoubtedly be featured in magazines and online articles and on the shelves of many shops all over the world.

Thank you, Juwels and Peter, for everything you have added to our lives.  We hope we’ve added to yours as well and that the journey that lies ahead for you will be filled with joy and success and above all, love.

Copyrights and Artwork

Recently, I was chatting with a couple of our artists about copyright laws and art.   Particularly as it relates to selling an original work of art and also incorporating iconic images/persons in a work of art.

What many people do not know is when they sell or purchase an original work of art — a painting, a photograph or even a print from an artist, the new owner of the original artwork ONLY owns the work, not the right to reproduce that work in any format.

The  original owner does have the right to re-sell the original work of art to someone else, for whatever amount they choose  without any of the proceeds of that sale going to the artist but not in all countries and apparently, not in California.   For example, I purchase a work of art from an artist.  Ten years later, for whatever reason, I can sell that work at a yard sale or via an art dealer, etc., anywhere in the US except in California without paying any of the proceeds to the creator of the original work.   This is refered to as:

Resale Right / Droit de suite

A number of foreign countries recognize a resale right or droit de suite, as it is often called. This right allows artists to participate financially in the resale of their original works of art. The resale right has been administered successfully in numerous foreign countries for years, most notably in France and Germany. Laws providing for the resale right were recently harmonized in the European Union. In the United States, however, federal law and almost all state laws fail to provide this right to artists, California being the sole exception. As with copyright, the duration of the resale right is usually the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years.

Also the topic of using iconic imagery came up — likenesses of famous individuals — this is something I am familiar with having worked at film and television production companies where I had to have people appearing in a production sign a “release” form and also when I worked in PR and Marketing at a film studio in which the use of an individual’s likeness is stipulated in contracts related to the PR and marketing of a film (and for any advertising/marketing of any product, etc.).    Additionally, rights to use a person’s likeness may also belong to their estate as in the case of an iconic person/personality such as Marilyn Monroe:

Rights of Publicity & Personality

Rights of publicity (also sometimes called rights of personality) refer to an individual’s (or an individual estate’s) exclusive right to authorize how the name, voice, signature, image or likeness of the individual may be used. Many copyrighted works incorporate photographs or other images which depict individuals (for example Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe”), and publicity rights may be an issue in the reproduction of these works for certain purposes. Similarly, in order to use an artist’s name, signature, or likeness in an advertisement, the advertising agency must clear the artist’s rights of publicity with the artist or estate.

For both artists and buyers of art, understanding what rights you have to the art you’ve created or purchased is a good thing to be aware of.

ARS: The Artists Rights Society has some very good information covering various types of copyright pertaining to works of art.

I also found some additional information about copyrights and art that might help to better understand the rights that an artist retains after selling an original work of art (and some info on using anything copyrighted or trademarked in works incorporating “derivative art”) and the rights of the buyer of a work of art.

What do you get when you buy some art?

Copyright derivative art

Derivative Art:  The “Barbie” Case

Is it legal to paint a trademarkedcopyrighted/patented product as art and sell it?

Chris Woods — Artist (uess trademarked copyrighted / patented products in his work)

If you need legal representation:  California Lawyers For The Arts

We have private studio rooms opening up

Check out our Studio Space page for info on the rooms we currently have available and our process in how we select our resident artists.

Soaring To New Heights On The Wings of Bees

Juwels and Peter are resident artists at the 825 Art Studios who focus on living a sustainable lifestyle with a minimal footprint on the planet.

Peter and Juwel's and Winnie

Juwel's and Peter's morning ritual... 😉

pj-winnie-intPrior to arriving at the studios, they had purchased a rather pedestrian looking Winnebago but the interior is a whole other story.  They did a total refurb on the inside — it’s cozy shabby chic with a touch of funky fun and whimsy and features repurposed furniture, handmade decor, bamboo flooring and solar power so they can generate their own electricity.   You can read more about the conversion on their blog:  The Winnebago Diaries

pj-candles-smP&J as we call them (makes me think of yummy peanut butter and jelly and they’re sort of like that — defintely made for each other) were just featured on Etsy — check out their wonderful story and the amazing beeswax candles they make in the shape of antique bottles.   Featured Story: pollenArts

Given the hundreds of postive comments they received on this story, Juwels and Peter will be uber busy filling orders this spring after which they plan on taking a well deserved adventure.

Keep the honey flowing P&J!

Congratualtions and big hugs from all of us at the 825 Art Studios..

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